Visiting Borobudur Prambanan temples from Semarang Port



Borobudur Temple that well known as the largest Buddhists Temple built at 8th century, well-known UNESCO world heritage site, Borobudur temple, well-known as the largest Buddhist temple in the world built a 8th century, located at 130 km Semarang City Central or approx. 2.5 hours by route.

Prambanan Temple the largest of complex of Hindu temples, built at 9th century where we can watch temples dedicated for Brahma Siva and Vishnu in the main third level surrounded by 400 smellers temples, located 40 km on the east of Borobudur temple or approx. 17km of the east of Yogyakarta

How does Borobudur Prambanan temples from Semarang Port work?

Shore Excursion to Borobudur and Prambanan Temples, a one-day tour for all cruise ships passengers docked at Semarang Cruise port. to visit the tops tourism destinations in Central Java one of provinces that has a loft of heritages from the classic golden age Javanese Kingdom period between 7th to 13th AD century.

Why cruise ships passengers should take Borobudur Prambanan One Day Tour?

  • Private Tour, private transport
  • Flexible tour itineraries and Timing
  • Heritage tour to visit the Borobudur the Buddhist Temple and Prambanan the Hindu temple
  • Recommended shore excursion during cruise ship dock at Semarang Port

Price List

How much does Shore excursion to Shore Borobudur Prambanan Temples in One Day Tour from Semarang Port cost?

MembersUSDPrice Per Person
05USD165 120
Note: Prices are subject to change without notice. to get discounted price, please contact us.

Payment Method

We accept payment by cash payment in IDR, USD EURO or others bank note, method payment by online PayPal or online transfer using WISE.COM, not accept credit card.

Tour Itinerary

Step 1 From Semarang Port to Borobudur temple

  • 07.00 – Pick up from Semarang Port, and then drive to Borobudur Temple, 10.00 – Arrive at Borobudur Temple start to discover the huge temple that stands on a hillock with seven square terraces represent the steps of from the earthly realm to the nirvana at the three circular terraces to the biggest mother stupa at top. Thousand reliefs panels here depict the birth, enlightenment, the death Buddha and the journey of Bodhisattvas, see the panoramic view on third level where we can see 72 stupa and the biggest one as the top of Borobudur Temple on the way to Jogjakarta stop over to visit Mendut and Pawon temples, if time permit

Step 2 Prambanan Tour back to Semarang Port

  • 13.00 – Visit Prambanan Temple the most important complex of Hindu temple built on 9th century compound by 3 temple dedicated for Brahma Siva and Vishnu, See for yourself sixteen temples stand majestically here. Sequel relief panels of Ramayana epic on carved on the temples’ wall will be another alternative way to find out how skillfully the builders of the temples had been.
  • 15.00 – leave the temple and drive back to Semarang Port
  • 18.00 arrive at Port End of service


  • Transport (including driver fuel toll ways and parking fee)
  • Entrances Ticket to Borobudur and Prambanan Temples
  • English speaking Tour guide
  • Mineral Water bottled.


  • Meals (lunch)
  • All Personal Expenses
  • Gratuity

How to book?

to book this tour we need information about

  • Cruise Ships Name
  • Total participant
  • Date Cruise Ship, Schedule
  • Please contact.

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