Wonderful Borobudur Sunrise Tour Depart From Jogjakarta

Tour depart in early in the morning at 0330 to Borobudur Temple, to amazing see sunrise from the top Dagi Hill the located 300m from Borobudur temple, an then visit incredible Borobudur temple, the biggest Buddhist temple in the world built at 8th century, after going back to Jogjakarta.

Why traveler should take Borobudur Sunrise tour from Jogjakarta ?
1. Private tour, private transport so no need to with for the others
2. Flexible tour itineraries and timing
3. Heritage tour the temple in quite moment before gate public open
4. Visiting the biggest monument in the world

Tour itineraries
03.30 Leaving Jogjakarta transfer to Borobudur Temple
04.30 Arrive at Manohara, location where we buy entrances ticket and the climb up to top of Dagi Hill
05.00-06.00 Enjoy sunrise that may appear between two Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi
06.00 Going down to Manohara to take morning café break
07.00 Walking from Manohara to Location Borobudur temple We are not allowed to go up to the temple, but from the courtyard around, we can see the statues with different hand positions from 4 different angles, we can see on the open basement a piece of relief from the Mahakaramawibangga story (stories that contain the teachings of cause-and-effect stories),
08.30 Going back to Jogjakarta stop over at Pawon Temple and Mendut Temple on the way
10.00 Arrive back at Jogjakarta

1. Transport (van driver fuel and parking fees)
2. English Speaking tour guide
3. Entrances Fees (sunrise and Borobudur emple)
4. Entrances for Mendut and Pawon Temples

1. All Personals Expenses
2. Gratuity

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