Borobudur Shore Excursion From Semarang Port

Very recommended a day tour for cruise ship passenger docked at Semarang Port to discover Borobudur Temple the biggest Buddhist temple built at 8th century located in Central Java, Borobudur One day tour is shore excursion from Semarang Port for all cruise ships passengers docking at Semarang Cruise Port to visit Borobudur Temple in one day tour.

Tour itinerary as followed:
08.00 – After arrival at Semarang Harbour, depart directly to Borobudur Temple, it will take  2,5  hour from Semarang port passing through tool way to skip city center, to Borobudur Temple, the most famous Buddhist temple in the world that constructed 300 years earlier before Angkor Watt temple by Syailandra  dynasty at 8th century.
10.30- arrive on the Borobudur and tour will be directed by your tour guide to learn the story of Siddhartha on the wall of the temple  from the life before incarnation until the Buddhism reach to the peoples, on the top Borobudur Temple, see the 72 stupa 1 biggest stupa as the crown of Borobudur Temple.
13.00 – lunch time at local restaurant.
14.00 – Going back to Semarang Port
16.00 – Back directly to Semarang Harbor to drop your off on your ship, end of service

Tour Conditions:
1. Transport with private  van  with air conditioned.
2. English speaking tour guide or on language requested.
3. VIP entrances Tickets from VIP entrances Gate where less the vendors and less distances
4. Launch at local hygienic restaurant.

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